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Climate Change Program

Education and Development Research Council (EDRC) works alongside the government, non-governmental organizations and communities across Bangladesh to build resilience, foster adaptability and respond holistically to the effects of climate change and natural disasters. EDRC achieves its goals by conducting predictive research, information transfer and education in relation to climate change and natural disasters.

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EDRC started its journey through relief work among disaster-affected, rural poor. EDRC implements relief distribution during emergencies based on needs assessment. The program focuses on long-term, sustainable solutions that allow affected communities to be self-sufficient in managing hazards. EDRC has been working to help set up disaster risk reduction funds with full autonomy so that communities can use it for disaster risk reduction activities.

Programme Activities

• Works for disaster-resilient communities through awareness and training program
• Facilitate alternative livelihood- them for livelihood support grants and training
• Identifies physical and material needs
• Anticipates challenges and makes plans
• Publications for disaster risk reduction awareness for mass people
• Weather forecasting
• Plantation of Trees
• Works against man-made disasters
• Nurturing community capacity

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EDRC’s field staff members are trained to support disaster victims with the standard operating procedures. Our health workers and volunteers are provided with first aid and disaster management training. This is done to enhance communities’ emergency efforts during and after a crisis. EDRC also trains local school teachers, health volunteers, village organisation leaders and community leaders as first responders during a natural disaster and crisis.

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EDRC conducts simulation exercises, recreating disaster scenarios with audio-visual effects where participants from communities endorse disaster protocols. In addition, professional level courses are given to EDRC staff and government officials to develop expertise on disaster management. EDRC has also provided psychosocial training to women in disaster-prone areas.