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Teachers Training Programs


Education and Development Research Council (EDRC) arranges teachers training for the teachers of different education levels (primary, secondary, higher secondary, and tertiary) in Bangladesh.

EDRC arranges training for teachers and school administrators on inclusive education, interactive teaching and other classroom subjects. English Language Teaching and Learning is the main focus area of the training programs.

EDRC prefers to organize week-long Training workshops on particular study areas such as English language teaching methodology and education pedagogy so that it can attain the maximum benefit of a training program.

Furthermore, new information leaflets on current issues in education – such as access for disabled children, participatory teaching & learning, corporal punishment, knowledge of HIV/AIDS, school sanitation, child injury and emergency preparedness – are distributed to teacher.

EDRC is also helping the Government to revise the Education curriculum to ensure that new primary teachers understand issues of gender, access and participation. Education and Development Research Council (EDRC) offers training and development for thousands of teachers, head teachers and supervisors across the country. Each year, an average of 800 to 900

teachers receives training organized by the EDRC and implemented jointly with the other organizations and authority. It offers:

• In-service training
• Pre-service teacher training
• Basic and enrichment training
• Long-and short-term programmes


Training session going on


In-service training maintains and improves the quality of education provided to children in schools. Upgrading teachers’ professional qualifications helps them:

• Adapt to curriculum changes
• Improve their teaching methods
• Develop their educational and supervisory skills