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School Tiffin Distribution

Two million children aged between 12 months to seven years suffer from acute malnutrition in Bangladesh, of these, half a million suffer from severe acute malnutrition. Many poor students of the rural schools in Bangladesh come to school half-fed or unfed because of their poverty. They cannot pay attention to their studies due to their hunger, in the afternoon classes as their thirst for knowledge is replaced by hunge


Students eating lunch provided by EDRC


School girls enjoying tiffin Provided by EDRC

for food. So, EDRC initiated distribution of school Tiffin for the students to increase the enrollment, attendance, persistence, and performance—of the primary school-aged children from poor families.

It is a proven fact that the school tiffin tremendously contributes to the learning of the ultra poor children.

The performance of teaching learning has tremendously been improved with the introduction of school feeding or tiffin distribution. It has shown a very strong positive impact on children’s attendance and on learning.

Education and Development Research Council (EDRC) distributes tiffin among more than 1500 vulnerable rural school of 5 primary schools on regular basis every year. EDRC distributes Banana, Bread, Biscuits, egg, and cake. The impression of the poor school children is indescribable in word.

However, the EDRC is totally dependent on the availability of fund, and requests solvent individuals and generous organizations to provide support to continue this humanitarian ventures.