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Education Program

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Still there are huge numbers of areas (About 5000 villages) in Bangladesh, where there are no schools. There are still more than 9 million out-of-school children throughout the country.

In this context, EDRC could manage to establish 5 primary schools in the rural areas of Bangladesh for educating the dropped out vulnerable rural children. EDRC also supports other school children in different areas who are incapable of meeting their education expenses.


Distributing academic stationeries among the rural poor students

The students of the EDRC supported primary schools and children are from the ultra poor families; therefore, the students are provided with academic stationeries. In those schools, the students study at free of cost; EDRC also distributes books and academic stationeries.

among the students when it can manage necessary funds. The EDRC always attempts to distribute school-uniforms among its needy students from the extremely poor families.

EDRC have no reserved funds, it appeals to affluent individuals, groups and organizations for resources in cash or kind, so the EDRC appeals to donors for financial support to continue academic support for the needy and vulnerable rural children.

During 2014-2015, EDRC distributed school kits to 15,000 poor children across the country. Each kit package comprised a school bag with 13-essential items like school bag, notebook, pen, pencil, eraser, geometry box, water bottle, etc. Those gifts made a positive effect on students and made them continue attending the classes.

The children of EDRC schools participate in the Primary Education Completion (PEC) Certificate examination each year and make extraordinary results in the public examinations.