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White Cane Distribution Program

EDRC observes the World Day of the white stick by distributing white sticks among the blinds on October 15. The celebration of this day is an indicator of the importance of the stick in the lives of blind people as a symbol and logo for the Blind in movement, in addition to emphasis on the community to stand next to the blind and for their cases and help them.


We maintain: Dos & Don'ts

When you meet a blind person:

notDon't - Shout when you speak to us, we can't see but our hearing is fine.

notDo - Touch us on the arm or use our names when addressing us. This lets us know you are speaking to us and not someone else in the room.

notDon't - Grab us to lead us. Allow us to take your arm when we are walking together.

notDo - Give specific directions like "the book is five feet to your right" as opposed to saying "the book is over there."

notDon't - Pet or distract our Guide Dogs. They are not pets, they are working companions on whom we depend.

notDo - Direct your questions directly to us. We do not need to have someone else tell you what we want to eat, etc.

notDon't - Be afraid to use words like "blind" or "see". Our eyes may not work but it is still nice to see you.

notDo - Treat us as individuals. Blind people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We each have our own strong points and weaknesses, just like everyone else.