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Food Distribution: Feed the Needy

In different occasions, EDRC feeds vulnerable poor people in the society since its inception in 2004. The “Feed the Needy Program” is undertaken with a view to working for the humanity through different methods and interventions. EDRC feeds cooked food and distribute food items among the poor. The major components of the program include the following.

• Distribution ready /cooked food
• Food Package distribution

This program is designed in such a manner that the most vulnerable groups and utter poor could be benefited. The EDRC organizes special feasts in different occasions for the disabled including the blind people. Besides the Iftar fest, EDRC distributes essential food staff to be consumed in the

SL Food Items QuantityPer family
1 Rice 20 KG
2 Lentil 01 KG
3 Onion 01 KG
4 Oil 01 liter
5 Gram 01 KG
6 Salts 01 KG
7 Dates 01 KG
8 Potatoes 02 KG
  Total 28 KG
  Cost US$ 25

The students of the EDRC supported primary schools and children are from the ultra poor families; therefore, the students are provided with academic stationeries. In those schools, the students study at free of cost; EDRC also distributes books and academic stationeries.

Month of Holy Ramadan.


Taking iftar arranged by EDRC

Since EDRC’s have no reserved fund, EDRC always appeal local and international organizations to extend their cooperation to facilitate the Feed the Needy Program. Without external financial support EDRC is incapable to implement any program.

EDRC supports ultra poor families during the month of Ramadan by supplying food package containing 28 kg food staff (for 30 days) will include Month with a focus to women and children supplying nutritious food for the whole month of Ramadan.